Incorporating Hidden Spaces For Your Valuables Or A Safe Room

Dozens of mystery movies have showcased bookcases that swing to reveal a door or room behind them.  We don’t expect or even yearn for hidden spaces like Batman had in his home, but certain secret sanctuariesIncorporating Hidden Spaces For Your Valuables Or A Safe Room and hideaways can be both intriguing and smart depending on one’s needs.

  • “Safe rooms” where at risk family members can hide behind reinforced walls with built in environmental systems and furnishings are not common, but are in use.
  • Some hidden doors open to reveal stairways up or down.  Some swing open to reveal a wall which stores pieces of art or even jewelry, gold or a safe.

Okay, maybe you don’t need quite this level of protection, but whether you are hedging against hired help who might be tempted or burglars who have little problem getting in most homes, you might want to secure some hidden space other than your mattress.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating hidden spaces into your home:

  • It’s fairly common for people to have a safe built into their wall, between studs, and cover it with a picture or mirror.
  • Many people have secret drawers tucked into a bookcase, moldings, or wainscoting.
  • And, it is not infrequent that kitchens have a “false front” cupboard where jewelry and money can be placed.

Speaking of protection and safety, keep yourself safe by having a planned escape route in case of intrusion.  Perhaps a door that leads to safe shortcuts to the outside AND an escape route from your second story to the exterior.  Architects and contractors can help.  Even your local police officer may have suggestions.  If you think you are at risk, take positive steps toward being safe!

Eaton Escrow Team