Save Money & Time By Upgrading Your Home’s Technology

You can save money and time by upgrading your home’s technology and possibly increase the value of your home too!  Here are a few ideas on how to do just that:

  • You can save significant dollars by putting your lights and furnace/AC on timers and/or makingSmart home technologythem controllable via your mobile devices. This will allow you to adjust the settings to fit your schedule and keep you from entering a home that is too hot, too cold and/or too dark.
  • Everyone knows solar can save them thousands of dollars a year, even in our temperate zone. However, many people hesitate about putting in solar because:
    • It’s a big purchase
    • They don’t have enough information to make an informed decision
    • They don’t trust the solar companies they talk to and are overwhelmed by the “overselling” reps they encounter

Stop hesitating and ask family members, neighbors or friends that have solar if they would recommend the company that installed their system.

  • Today I find many people more afraid to spend time than money! Frankly, working the 70+ hours a week I do, I totally understand that.  Amazon Echo and Alexa may be gadgets; we may think they are too gimmicky and that we shouldn’t spend money on them…but, they are a lot more than just fun!  They really can save you time and money by being your own personal assistants; from answering questions to giving you reminders, taking messages, and so forth.
  • And finally, since security in and around our homes is a bigger concern for many these days, look into the new security system technology. Many systems are remotely manageable and can be set or cancelled from your mobile phone.  There are small devices that will take ‘interior’ photographs of your home or office.  Some are even motion sensitive and won’t record unless there’s movement.  This will help keep you from being bored as you view the footage.

Keeping up with technology is a huge challenge for those of us with full schedules and no tech background.  But there are experts all around us.  And, yes, your teenage child or neighbor may be a good place to start.  Also, a company that is reliable, reasonably priced and recommended by its users is always a smart consult!  Savvy clients of ours have been happy with Vivint, and Home Depot advertises these services.  I know…you don’t need something else on your plate, but getting on board with smart technology today may SAVE you time and money AND make your home more valuable!

Now, if I could only remember to charge my portable phone charger and put it in my purse, I’d be able to recharge my phone when it wears out at 1:00 pm and I still have many calls to make!

Eaton Escrow Team