A Successful Business Constantly Brings In Customers

One of the nice elements of a real estate business is that there are so many ways to attract business.  The primary methods include:A Successful Business Constantly Brings In Customers

  • Marketing to sellers of For Sale By Owner properties and Expired Listings
  • Calling your Sphere of Influence
  • Hosting presentations on Buyer Preparation Techniques or special Investment Classes
  • Using Social Media
  • Spending generously on Advertising

But the customer acquisition method that will work the best for each practitioner is the one that he or she LIKES TO DO.  If talking on the phone is too “cold” for you, then do something else that you like to do…even if it means working with your child’s Little League team in order to create awareness about your career.

Actually, that is a great prospecting technique.  The parents of other children will admire your contribution to their child, will learn who you are, and will respect your ethic.  It is not wrong to use this as a basis to ask them for business.  Everyone loves to talk about real estate, and when new listings or sales in the neighborhood come up, what is more natural than to share that information.  Knowledge is power, you can point out.  And soon your child’s Little League may be a significant source of business for you.   While the parents may not become your clients in the short-term, their business associates and friends may.

The above is a perfect example of good prospecting efforts.  You need to find a sphere where you feel comfortable and committed, and where you can engage with people in a meaningful way.  Yes, you could pass out ball point pens, but passing out genuine attention, caring, expertise and friendliness is probably going to bring you more business!

Next time your broker suggests cold calling, talk to them about the results you are having with things you LIKE to do, and suggest that they share the technique with the rest of the office.

Eaton Escrow Team