What To Do If Your Wallet Is Lost or Stolen!

What To Do Right Away

  • Immediately call the police. Their police report will cover you in important ways.
  • Cancel/close your debit and credit cards, debit cards FIRST. Debit cards take your money.  CreditWhat To Do If Your Wallet Is Lost or Stolen! cards are a credit company’s money to a point.
  • Call Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and put up a Fraud Alert. *Note the news about Equifax being hacked in the last 2 weeks.  Nevertheless, notify them too.
  • Freeze your credit, stopping all new accounts in your name. This usually costs about $10 at each credit company but the extra protection it provides is hard to crack.
  • Watch your accounts, especially those with charges in your zip code which can bypass credit verification.
  • Call the DMV.  Ask for a new license and have them flag your old one.
  • Advise your insurance agent, financial services and even the HR department where you work.

Moving Forward

  • Update any auto-payments with your new account numbers as soon as you obtain them. Stay current on your obligations.
  • NEVER carry your social security card or Medicare Card which displays your SS# plus a letter!
  • Thin your wallet. Don’t carry any cards you don’t use all the time.

Eaton Escrow Team