Increase Success By Avoiding These Distractions

You can easily increase your success by avoiding the following common distractions:

  • Calls from phone numbers you don’t recognize. Let these types of calls go to your voice mail.  Who knows, some of the callers may even hang-up which will save you both time!  Be sureIncrease Success By Avoiding These Distractions your voice mail is brief and includes a promise to get back to the caller ASAP.
  • Low-profit, high-maintenance customers. We all have them.  Many people think it’s better than not having any customers.  I DISAGREE.  Spending 100 hours to get 1 hour of revenue-producing results is not effective.  It would be much more profitable to spend that 100 hours connecting and engaging with future prospects.
  • Social contacts that are “users”.  Consider your social contacts carefully.  Move the “users” to your “see quarterly” pile.  Encourage social contacts with the highest value to support your business by supporting theirs!  The best way to get a great referral or business from a new source is by giving them a great referral first!
  • Low-priority tasks. Budget your time on tasks & prioritize them.  Time is not recoverable, cherish it.  Questions to ask yourself while prioritizing are:
    • Will this be profitable?
    • Can it wait until later?
    • Can I delegate or share it?
    • Can I skip over this task and go on to the next one?
  • Passive behavior.  Being passive wears you down and gives off an impression of negligence and lack of concern.  If you are going to be there, BE there…all in…give it your best.  Make this a habit, and it will serve you well.

Eaton Escrow Team