How To Make Your Home Feel More Open

Creating a feeling of “openness” is one of today’s top home trends.  If you want to be trendy, or your home just needs an update, the first things to consider are your floors, paint and clutter:

  • Neutral consistent flooring and paint make areas feel more open.  Use neutrals for your background materials and then make a statement with personal décor in your favorite color(s).  Have fun with your decorative accessories by changing them seasonally!Make Your Home Feel More Open
  • We pretty much use only 20% of the things we own…seriously!  So much of our stuff owns us.  A fun thing to do is designate a room, or area, as “temporary” storage.  Put all of your “extra” stuff in the temporary storage area; everything from accessories to furnishings you don’t use for anything other than filling a corner.  After you have edited the rooms you use, and like the way they look, you can sort the stuff in your temporary storage area into piles to sell, give away, donate and trash.  You will not only love the openness you create in your home, but also the freedom you feel!
  • Open cupboards in the kitchen are trendy.  But BEWARE!  Kitchen activities and open windows create dirt and grime.  You will need to clean your open cupboards/shelves, and everything on them, almost weekly.  Cupboards with glass fronts are usually a better choice!
  • The most important room to pay attention to when upgrading is the Kitchen.  If you can’t open your kitchen up due to building or space restrictions, or simply can’t afford the cost, there are still ways to make your kitchen feel more open:
    • Use white paint & furnishings
    • Add bright lighting
    • Keep counters cleared off, appliances clean and fresh, and floors uncluttered
  • Today’s top trend of openness is an expression of empty, uncluttered space!  So, in your pantry and wherever else you store things, go through the ‘sell-give-donate-trash’ elimination process to create a more open feeling.

Eaton Escrow Team