Kris Gallegos, Escrow Manager

As Escrow Officer at Eaton Escrow, Kris Gallegos has one priority thatKris-Gallegos-Escrow-Officer-San-Diego stands head and shoulders above all else:  Customer Service.

“I’ve worked in several different escrow environments and immediately gravitated to Eaton Escrow because of its management team,” Kris shared.  “They’re very supportive which is crucial to running a smooth operation and ensuring clients get the best possible service from our staff.”

Working in all types of escrow from residential and resale to short sales, refinance and HUD transactions, Kris applies an exacting level of detail to every file.  “I love the fact that escrow work requires some sleuthing ability,” he said of the challenges that often accompany cases.  “At the end of the day, however, my greatest joy is making each client feel as if his or her file is the only one I’m working on.”

Kris’ attention to detail has also paid off in his personal life.  A hot rod enthusiast, he built his own hot rod from the ground up with the help of his father.  On weekends, Kris can be found at car shows, attending the occasional drag race and turning heads on Sunday drives.